Convívio is a cafe/bar in the center of Aveiro well known for its food and relaxing environment. It is the place to go when you want to drink some beers with friends, watch a football match, play some pool or simply to grab a bite.


  • Menu Erasmus Franchesinha - Franchesinha + French Fries + 1 Beer = 7€
  • Menu Erasmus Hamburguer - Hamburguer + French Fries + 1 Beer = 6,5€
  • Menu Erasmus Tosta Americana - American Toast + French Fries + 1 Beer = 5,5€
  • The menus include the respective dish and one beer. The second beer is for free.
  • Beer Mugs:

  • Ask for the "Canecas Card" at th counter. With it, if you buy 4 "canecas" (beer mugs), you get one for free.