ESN Aveiro is the Aveiro section from the Erasmus Student Network.

ESN Aveiro is ruled by the principles of the Erasmus Student Network and, just like any other ESN section, it is a non-profitable organization. This section was the 7th section in ESN Portugal, from a total of 14 sections nowadays.
Established in 2010, over the years the section grown strongly in number of members and resources, acquiring the own space - ESN Aveiro's Office - for frequent reunions and to receive the foreign students. ESN Aveiro fully cooperates with the International Office of the University of Aveiro, aiming to help with the integration and improve the quality of life of exchange students in Aveiro.
ESN Aveiro is structured by several members distributed as Charing Team, Audit Team, Board, Departments Coordinators, Auxiliary Positions and Volunteers.

Events Department
Cultural Department
Projects Department
Communication Department
Human Resources Department