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Located at the center of the Santiago campus, it's the most sought after canteen due its proximity to most of the departments - See in the map. There are three selling machines downstairs (only one of these accepts cash as payment, all the others accept electronical payment only). Check the Schedule and Prices here.

It's located on the other side of the pedestrian bridge that connects the Santiago campus to the Crasto campus, and it's the most recent canteen (2002) - See in the map. There are two selling machines at the entrance. Check the Schedule and Prices here.


Restaurants and Bars


Snack bar / Self-service



Located near the Santiago dorms, it's more expensive than the canteens, and as it is a self-service, the more you choose, the more you'll pay. You don't need meal tickets, for you pay directly with cash/card. Check the Schedule and Prices here.

Aside from the canteens and self-service, you can also have a light meal at a bar - most of the departments have their own bar. Students who’re are in a hurry prefer to have their meals there, but don't forget that practicing healthy eating habits is essential for maintaining a good quality of life! Here you have a list of bars in the University.