Alumni are former active members of the Erasmus Student Network at all levels (local, national, international) who want to stay in touch with other former members of ESN. More info in ESN Alumni
By being in touch with each other as well as with active members of ESN they support the mission of ESN Alumni which is to:
  • Enable its members to continue enjoying the Pallomeri spirit
  • Help them to keep in touch and share their knowledge and experience
  • Support ESN in fulfilling its mission.
ESN Aveiro Alumni Members
  • André Barata
  • Bruno Nunes
  • Bruno Oliveira
  • Carolina Sequeira
  • Carlos Dias
  • Diogo Santos
  • Eduardo Granja
  • Fábio de Almeida
  • João Neto
  • José Ramos
  • Lucas Brink
  • Miguel Correia
  • Pedro Silva
  • Sofia Góis